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NRG Netball Club has been established for over 20 years with both Senior and Junior sections.  The Senior Club has 2 teams (Sussex Tigers and Sussex Pumas) in Division 1 and Division 2 of the South Regional League as well as a number of teams in the Worthing League.  Our thriving Junior Club has a regional U19, U16, U14 and U13 team plus teams from U9s to U16s competing in all sorts of tournaments, the Sussex Junior League, friendly matches as well as the Worthing League.  We also have a number of players in the Sussex U14 Satellite and U15 County Academies, 4 players in the Surrey Storm Academy as well as Shelby Harris in the Surrey Storm U19 and current England U19 squad.




Sussex NRG Netball Club achieved the Silver CAPS status in 2018.  This is a nationally recognised accreditation showing a well-run club which is active and accessible.  This means getting the best out of young people and giving everyone a sporting chance.

Safeguarding Officer is Katie Pearcy -



Senior Fixtures


Division 1
Fixture DateHome Away
23/09/2018 Eagles v Sussex NRG Tigers
30/09/2018 Sussex NRG Tigers v Dreams
14/10/2018 Sussex NRG Tigers v Weston Park Blades
28/10/2018 Rushmoor v Sussex NRG Tigers
11/11/2018 Sussex NRG Tigers v Abbey
25/11/2018 Sussex NRG Tigers v CD Phoenix
02/12/2018 Brize Jets v Sussex NRG Tigers
06/01/2019 Sussex NRG Tigers v Eagles
20/01/2019 Dreams v Sussex NRG Tigers
03/02/2019 Weston Park Blades v Sussex NRG Tigers
10/02/2019 Sussex NRG Tigers v Rushmoor
17/02/2019 Abbey v Sussex NRG Tigers
03/03/2019 CD Phoenix v Sussex NRG Tigers
17/03/2019 Sussex NRG Tigers v Brize Jets


Division 3
Fixture DateHome Away
23/09/2018 Guernsey Panthers v Sussex NRG Pumas
30/09/2018 Sussex NRG Pumas v Clan 2
14/10/2018 Sussex NRG Pumas v Weston Park Blades Two
28/10/2018 Rushmoor 2 v Sussex NRG Pumas
11/11/2018 Sussex NRG Pumas v Woodley
25/11/2018 Sussex NRG Pumas v CD Phoenix Two
02/12/2018 Sussex Lightning v Sussex NRG Pumas
06/01/2019 Sussex NRG Pumas v Guernsey Panthers
20/01/2019 Clan 2 v Sussex NRG Pumas
03/02/2019 Weston Park Blades Two v Sussex NRG Pumas
10/02/2019 Sussex NRG Pumas v Rushmoor 2
17/02/2019 Woodley v Sussex NRG Pumas
03/03/2019 CD Phoenix Two v Sussex NRG Pumas
17/03/2019 Sussex NRG Pumas v Sussex Lightning

We have three sponsors who help our club.

Nutzaboutnetball -

MS Roofing Supplies -

Charles Kirk 


 Thank you for your continual support.






Meet the Sussex NRG Netball team

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